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Dr Sherene Suchy

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Dr. Sherene Suchy is an educator, counsellor, author, and consultant in change management. Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work (Psychology), Graduate Diploma in Communication Management, Master of Art Administration, and a Ph.D. (Arts, Education, and Social Sciences). Memberships: Australian Association of Social Work (AASW), International Council of Museums (ICOM), The Gawler Cancer Foundation, the ACT Writers Centre, and an advocate for the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA).

Counsellor & Coach

  • Sherene has a special interest in healing and resilience. To quote the Resilience Research Institute, helping people navigate to and negotiate for psychological and physical resources to sustain their wellbeing and for those resources to be provided in culturally meaningful ways. Healing stories are described in her books -
      Bamboozled: Trek Guide for Clients & Experts in Medicine and In Balance: Workbook on Resilience & Wellbeing.


  • A specialist in individual and organisational change, Dr. Suchy has worked with corporate, government and non-profit organisations: health, telecommunications, public utilities, architecture, banking, insurance, science, government, museums, and universities.
  • Outcomes from policy research projects for the Council on the Aging (COTA ACT) on employment challenges for mature age workers are described in her book Age Doesn’t Matter: Guidebook for the (55+) Working Journey.
  • As a consultant to Global Interface and the International Consultants Centre, Sherene coached over 500 international managers and their families navigating overseas assignments based on the resilience strategies she developed as an expatriate (USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore).

Cultural Advocate

  • Dr. Suchy has been a cultural advocate for the museum sector since 1992 with research, projects, and books such as Leading With Passion: Change Management in the 21st Century Museum and Keepsakes: Memoir on the Museum of You & Estate Planning. Chapters in other books include Museum Philosophy for the 21st Century, Museum Management and Marketing, and Reinventing the Museum.
  • Sherene sees museums as healing places and memory keepers. Museums may not seem at first glance to be engaged in Social Work but museums are helping people cope and even thrive in circumstances ranging from personal challenges to social injustices (Silverman, The Social Work of Museums).


  • Dr. Suchy has researched, designed, and facilitated a range of educational workshops: Expat Life © 1994-2007, Leading With Passion © 1998, Change Agent Skills © 2001, Family Memory Making: Matching Stories to Heirlooms © 2004, and Resilience Skills © 2003--2014.
  • Sherene taught two programs with the Graduate School of Management at the University of Technology Sydney: Effective People Management and Organisation Change and Adaptation.
  • Dr. Suchy was an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University and has been a guest speaker at events convened by the International Council of Museums in Australia, Canada, and Taiwan.

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