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Welcome to DUO PLUS, a private practice managed by Dr. Sherene Suchy. Sherene is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and the International Council of Museums.

DUO PLUS was established in 1991 in Sydney as a consultancy in individual and organisational development. The practice relocated to Canberra in 2007.

Dr. Suchy has 30+ years of experience in change management. This experience includes ten years as a leadership coach, fifteen years coaching expatriates on change and cultural adjustment, ten years teaching in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Technology Sydney, and an ongoing role as a counsellor – coach.

Sherene has trained in a variety of counselling and healing techniques to support people through change, growth, and healing the -- ‘stuff of life’: work, study, relationships, behavioural concerns, life choices, and stressful circumstances. A researcher and writer, Sherene has a special interest in resilience described in her book In Balance: Workbook on Resilience & Wellbeing.

A researcher and writer, Sherene has a special interest in social action research (the value of lived experience) described in her books:

  • Leading With Passion: Change Management in the 21st C Museum
  • In Balance: Workbook on Resilience & Wellbeing
  • Age Doesn’t Matter: Guidebook for the (55+) Working Journey
  • Keepsakes: Memoir on the ‘Museum of You’ & Estate Planning
  • Bamboozled: Trek Guide for Clients & Experts in Medicine
  • Every Step of the Way: Reflections on Healing.

As a leadership coach, Dr. Suchy advocates the four roles described in her book Leading with Passion:

  • Represent your story (personal or organisational) guided by passion.
  • Create a context where others can give their best.
  • Act as an ethical entrepreneur.
  • Nurture relationships of trust with key stakeholders...

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What makes DUO PLUS unique?

  • Honouring the wisdom of the heart. All healing comes through the heart using our emotional intelligence (EQ): intuition, resilience, compassion, trust, creativity, and personal power.

  • Siegfried Gutbrod (The Gawler Foundation) said, “Emotions influence our wellbeing more than thoughts. Feelings go straight to the heart. Appealing to one’s emotions often works more effectively than a ‘rational’ discourse.”

What benefits do clients say DUO PLUS provides?

  • DUO PLUS increases peoples confidence to be more of what they know they can be. DUO PLUS has quite a unique intuitive approach that works well with men and women, drawing out their strengths for a team approach to development in a warm, wise, and witty way.” .....Client

  • DUO PLUS recognizes and deals with ‘people stuff’ creatively and sensitively. Team building is a strong point. DUO PLUS is particularly skilful with clients who need guided change management processes to reflect, reframe, and refocus for a new way forward.”...... Client

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