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2021 – New Publication

Every Family Has a Story: Stories from the 2020 E. M. Fletcher Writing Competition – If you have ever thought about writing your family story, this publication could be the place to start for inspiration and motivation. The 54 stories offer a variety of ways family history research can be transformed into engaging stories. 

Wind Beneath Their Wings by Suchy was included in the collection.

Order books from the website for: Family History ACT



Public Talks     Canberra & Region Heritage Festival

Print It! – The Canberra & Region Heritage Festival hosted Suchy’s one-hour talk on 24 April. The talk focused on the lost art of editing our collections of digital images, choosing the ones that tell our story, having them professionally printed as hard copy, and creating handmade memory books for future generations (family & cultural institutions). Copies of Dr. Suchy’s book Keepsakes: Memoir on the Museum of You & Estate Planning were sold.

Treasures from the TipThe Festival hosted a 2-hour panel of guest speakers including Suchy to explore estate management and downsizing. What happens to all those items  jettisoned from our homes? Many end up at the tip or Waste Transfer Stations. Hear from the experts about some curious, surprising, and shocking items discarded and rediscovered. Tips were shared  to make sure family treasures both physical and intangible don’t end up buried, bulldozed, or composted.  Copies of Dr. Suchy’s book Keepsakes: Memoir on the Museum of You & Estate Planning were sold.

Go to REVIEWS or PUBLICATIONS Keepsakes: Memoir on the Museum of You and Estate Planning

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2020 All public events were cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We hope everyone survived the year in good health!


2019 Author Talk: Embracing Lifestyle Medicine
A series of talks throughout the year about lifestyle medicine with the author of Bamboozled. The focus was on the seven principles of lifestyle medicine developed by the Gawler Cancer Foundation in Victoria combined with nine key factors from Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner. Lifestyle medicine is an empowering way to care for one’s own wellbeing.


2019 Exhibition: ‘Our Village’ in March @ Belconnen Community Gallery
This exhibition featured Sherene Suchy (photo collage), Shirley Campbell (pastels), and Jessica Cameron (mosaics) celebrating their sense of ‘village’. Village was defined as a group of small, sometimes fashionable, shops servicing a suburb. Village is more than ‘shops’ – it’s about a circle of caring hands that create and provide service to our community in unique ways.


2018 New Publication
Bamboozled: Trek Guide for Clients & Experts in Medicine


2018 Talks

Three P’s for Estates: Planning, Provenance & Protecting Heirlooms
In a series of one-hour talks, Dr. Suchy practices what she teachers in her book Keepsakes: Memoir on the Museum of You & Estate Planning (2016). The talks cover the importance of an up to date Will, how to document provenance, and whether you need a letter of direction for heirlooms with heritage value. The talks include heartwarming stories about documenting provenance on 90 keepsakes and family treasures prior to gifting to friends & family and arranging donations of significant items to the Library of Congress in Washington DC, Smithsonian Museum, Oregon Historical Society, National Museum for the United States Air Force, School of Mines Museum in South Dakota, Girl Scouts Association in North Dakota, History Museum in Oregon, and the Worlds Largest Toy Museum in Missouri.  

October 18 - National Trust of Australia (ACT) – Canberra – Members only.

August 11 - Goulburn Mulwarree Library – Goulburn – Bookings Required – Free Public Event.

July 12 - National Seniors Australia – Belconnen Branch – Members only.

May 5 - Queanbeyan Regional Heritage Festival in collaboration with Canberra Region Heritage Festival at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery.

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2018 - Exhibition

Annual Straithnairn Arts Association SQUARES Exhibition & Competition Oct. 20 – Nov. 11.


Time out for research and writing. See description for 2018 TALKS on Three P’s for Estate Planning and new publication Bamboozled: Trek Guide for Clients & Experts in Medicine.


2016 - New Publication

KEEPSAKES: Memoir on the ‘museum of you’ & estate planning

A personal guide for families about the “stuff” and “stories” they want to share with the next generation (family or museum). The memoir combines Dr. Sherene Suchy’s experience as a Social Worker and co-executor for a family estate with insights from nearly 100 interviews with families plus specialists in estate and heritage management. In eight chapters, Sherene provides a framework for families to work through the emotional work of estate management using museums as role models for the ‘museum of you’ at home. Along the way, we discover the true meaning of inheritance and how provenance (an heirloom’s life story) can become the ‘first page’ of a much bigger story. Author talks held in Canberra and Melbourne.

2016 - Exhibition

An exhibition of Sherene Suchy’s 24 photographic collages was held the Belconnen Community Service gallery capturing art in public spaces in Belconnen, West Belconnen, and Straithnairn to celebrate Belconnen’s 50th birthday. Belco has a ‘hidden’ collection of art — if you know where and how to look: graffiti, wall mosaics, stainless steel sculpture, wind poles, wall murals, water features, and more. The exhibition featured Suchy’s unique way of ‘looking’ with original hand cut colour photographic collages displayed as limited edition posters. Ten percent of poster sales was donated to the Community Arts Program at Belconnen Community Service. The project was made possible with a grant from Belconnen Community Council.

2015 - COTA ACT
In June 2015, the Council on the Ageing - COTA ACT and U3A -- hosted Dr. Suchy’s lunchtime talk on ‘Breaking the Grey Ceiling: Bending the Barriers to Mature Age Employment’. The talk was based on a Stage 1 social action research project completed by Dr. Suchy for COTA ACT exploring recruitment agency attitudes to mature age workers. The Stage 2 research was completed in August and featured interviews with 22 people about their experience working age 55+. Both projects formed the base for an upcoming ‘employment & mentoring project’ and the publication Age Doesn’t Matter.
Contact COTA ACT for further information – 02 6282 3777.

2015 - New Publication
Age Doesn’t Matter: Guidebook for The (55+) Working Journey (2015)

Finally, a guidebook for mature age people travelling on their working journey! The guide features 20 stories shared by travellers age 55+, encouragement from directors of Canberra based recruitment agencies, and tips from managers of intergenerational teams. The guidebook is based on two social action research projects completed by Dr. Sherene Suchy for the Council on the Ageing in the ACT. There are five chapters with ‘signposts’ to guide anyone on their working journey – no matter what age!
Keywords: Work, Career Planning, Mentoring, and Mature Age

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2015 Workshop

The ACT Branch of the Australian Association of Social Workers hosted Dr. Suchy and Staying In-Balance: Workshop on Resilience & Wellbeing on April 13 at the Australian Catholic University in the Blackfriars Building, Room B6. The 60-minute workshop introduced: the Resilience Triangle and the Tripod for Support.

2015 Exhibition

The 8th People’s Choice Exhibition opened on May 17th at Strathnairn Arts in Holt, ACT. This was the third time Sherene has entered SQUARES with a photo collage celebrating the healing power of beauty.

2014 New Publication
In Balance: Workbook on Resilience & Wellbeing (2014)

With over 40 university campuses across Australia, there are thousands of students (and staff) who will benefit from the nurturing insights about resilience and wellbeing found in In Balance. This is a unique offering in the genre of resilience references based on Dr. Suchy’s 'immersion' as a student counsellor with universities in Australia. Written in a conversational style, Dr. Suchy shares stories about the stuff of life that pushes students out of balance and introduces the Resilience Triangle she designed to support students on their journey to wellbeing. There are seven short chapters with reflective exercises and ‘real life’ stories that provide hope and inspiration.
Keywords: Resilience. Social Work. Psychology. Mind Body.

An order form for 'IN BALANCE' can be provided - Contact us using the Email details here.

2014 - Conference - Adelaide
The 2014 conference for the International Education Association (ISANA) & the Australian New Zealand Student Services Association (ANZSSA) was held in Adelaide, Australia December 2-5. Dr. Suchy presented a 60-minute workshop on December 3rd titled: Staying In-Balance.

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2011 April – Photo Collage Exhibition -- Canberra
Art for the Heart: Food for the Soul was the title of the solo exhibition at The God’s Café on the Australian National University campus - celebrating beauty and the immune system.

2010 January – Exhibition -- Canberra
Hard Wired for Beauty was the title of the solo photo collage exhibition at The Belconnen Community Service Gallery - celebrating beauty and the immune system.

2009 November – Workshop -- Canberra
Matching Stories to Heirlooms hosted by the Belconnen Arts Centre. Participants brought family treasures, stories, and learned how-to document provenance for family / museums.

2009 August – Conference -- Melbourne
Families and Museums: Partnerships for Provenance presented at Talk About Town Conference hosted by State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, Institute for Public History at Monash University.

2009 July - December - Oral History Project -- Canberra
Interviewer with the Before I Forget oral history project sponsored by the ACT Writer’s Centre.

2009 April – Leadership Workshop -- USA
Hosted by The History Museum in Oregon to facilitate a workshop on leadership resilience.

2008 August – Guest Lecture – Canberra
Guest lecture on EQ and leadership effectiveness for the Research School of Humanities at the Australian National University based on a chapter in Museum Management and Marketing.

2008 July – Conference – Perth
Paper and roundtable on leadership development for the Engendering Leadership conference hosted by the Business School at the University of Western Australia in Perth.

2008 March – Book Review – Canberra
Review of Museum Marketing: Competing in the Global Marketplace by Ruth Rentschler and Anne-Marie Hede for March 2008 edition of Recollections - National Museum of Australia.

Click here for direct link to www.recollections.nma.gov.au

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