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  • "We are all students of life and need gentle reminders such as IN BALANCE."
    Shirley Campbell, DRU Yoga Instructor
  • "It's just beautiful. Relational. Authentic. Warm. Accessible."
    Social Worker and Researcher at ANU

  • “Congratulations on your book IN BALANCE - it is such a practical, intelligent and insightful guide for us all, but especially for students. I can see how you have deftly drawn on and synthesized your many, varied life experiences with your professional experiences, as well as your academic scholarship.”
    Educator, Arts & Cultural Heritage - Sydney
  • "I have just finished reading your latest book, IN BALANCE.  It has been so good for me to read given where I am currently with my health. So many wonderful clear, simple and practical reminders. You say it like it is, albeit with heart. I needed to be reminded of self care and soothing."
    Spiritual Counsellor - Sydney
  • “It is very readable with such practical approaches to problems we see very often.”
    Academic – Australian National University

  • "I just finished reading IN BALANCE and thought… it's so obvious... self care is so important but no one shines a light on it like you have. Why is that? I also thought, IN BALANCE has been written for students, but there is such a need for the service providers working with students to be supported through a focus on self-care. With increasing demands on staff and shrinking resources in the Education sector, self care is set to become a clear priority .”
    Cultural Diversity Coordinator -- Canberra Institute of Technology


  • “My take-away from the workshop? Being aware of staying in balance…once you are aware of balance and being out of balance, you can move forward!”
    Staff 4 – University of Wollongong
  • “Be brave and gift time to work to improve resilience skills.”
    Staff 1 – University of Wollongong

  • "Useful for focusing, setting intentions, and learning tools to support the process as well as developing a concrete plan when working with life change."
    Counsellor -- Private Practice (USA)


  • “Thank you for the most helpful debriefing of my recent traumatic experience (assessing a PhD thesis as an external examiner). I actually feel so much better about the whole thing - recognising the reality of my participation in the process of the examination (which I was aware of, but good to have an informed sounding board). As academics, we are all on our own to defend ourselves, aren't we?”
    External Examiner for PhD Thesis (Australia)

  • “It is a wonderful blend of professional development, personal nurturing, practical tools and theoretically rich material.”
    Director Research & Analysis – Dept of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (ACT)

  • “The models and concepts provided were very clear and enabled me to work through particular areas. I found this very helpful.”
    Director Indigenous Housing & Infrastructure – Dept of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs.

  • "Immensely helpful in allowing us to recognize and understand our challenges and the power we have to deal with them. The forum had just the right amount of candour, humor and seriousness. Thank you!"
    Director Human Resources - High Desert Museum (USA)

  • "Dr. Suchy provides a framework for change that is not only palatable, but engaging and thought provoking. Her style is direct yet compassionate, logical yet warm and fuzzy."
    Development Officer -- High Desert Museum (USA)

  • "The time you so willingly contributed towards this project (Visitor Experience Survey) made such a huge difference in the outcome and success. The information and ideas gathered will greatly benefit the future planning of the museum."
    Coordinator – The History Museum (USA)

  • “The change management program and particularly the coaching (distance) have been really worthwhile and helpful…the coaching process was an invaluable resource.”
    Accompanying Partner -- AMP (UK)

  • “I feel fortunate that you have been sent into my life -- I had such a precious and happy time with you.”
    Teacher (NSW)


  • “It helped me to truly know others by knowing myself.”
    Principal Project Manager -- Premiers Dept. (NSW)

  • "It really made me re-think my values, "passion" and what I'm all about. In fact, I never really thought about my passions before. I have a much stronger understanding of what makes a leader.”
    Business Unit Coordinator – ETSA (SA)

  • "Definitely worthwhile. Increases your awareness of emotional factors that improve leadership."
    Divisional Manager -- The Mortgage Centre Westpac (SA)

  • "I think I do my job better and that I can bring about a general improvement in job performance of my colleagues. Also, the program has established a very important collaborative group."

  • "I have regained my passion and drive. I no longer dread going into work. I have a greater level of intentionality and direction which is benefiting those I work with."

  • "Outstanding, thoughtful, resourceful, and aware of individual needs. Quick on her feet with ideas and information. A safe space was created quickly and we were able to move right into deep work."
    Teacher -- Dept of Education (USA)


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